Saturday, February 28, 2009


i just might actually use a couple of these guys.

working on more starters as well as a couple of misc. pokemon.
also on something for a friend (who hopefully is not looking at this-YOU ZOE!!) i don't have time today, but here's the plan for the painting(the face is definitely going to change): jjksajksajk
poor Venusaur...
and now this before i go: who did YOU vote for??

Monday, February 23, 2009


these are the stage 1 starters of "Blogmons", the first of a coming 151
**the smaller ones are just the shiny versions**

the only one i'm not solid on is the fire one. i might remodel or replace him. the other 2 are done though. um.....lets try naming them! this is the part i always sucked most at:

grass starter:
Mosstump: the stump pokemon
Grass type
1'5", around 13 lb
(...guess where the name comes from)
because of it's cumbersome form, it hides itself amongst forest debris so that passersby mistake it for a regular stump

fire starter:
Taiphra: the ash pokemon
Fire type
1'4", around 7 lb
somehow, it produces incredible amounts of soot when it moves.
(Taiga/tiger +Tephra; tephra being small volcanic rock particles)

water starter:
Oobrank: the slime pokemon
Water type
1'9", around 15 lb
it excretes a thick ooze which acts as a sunblock while it scavenges the beach for something to eat.
(Oobleck; a fictional slime+Nudibranch; a popular grouping of oceanic slugs)

so, a stump, a soot-tiger, and a sea slug- i got to go my battery's about to go out!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Welcone to the world of Blogmons!

so, let's start off with the classic "My Favorite Pokemon Meme"! Yeah!
starting from Bug: Pinsir, Tyranitar, Shelgon, Chinchou, Primeape and Hitmonlee, Charmander, Jumpluff, Misdreavus, Lotad, Swinub, Snorunt, Persian, Drapion and Koffing, Espeon, Corsola, Magneton (or just 3 Magnemites...), and Blastoise.

weeeell, this blog is here as a side-vent for pokemon and "fakemon," just so i have an alternative place for them. i do intend to make a fake regional set of pokemon (possibly with sprites as well), and i don't want it accumulating in what i consider my "personal works" spaces. it's high time i had a proffessional display page as well as a true separation between personal and fan work.

so! starters will be up shortly, with a whole new generation of Blogmons to follow!