Monday, April 27, 2009


i did not have my stylus pen, so instead of working i milled on Deviantart for a bit and then remembered the Polygonal Lasso Tool in Photoshop.
thus, a more sophisticated touchpad/lasso Tyranitar
now, to finish watching VB Season 3!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sketch Dump!

OOOH boy! since i don't have time to clean them up, here are some Blogmen roughs and trial passes:

i like these guys: Numbrin and Lumbrine. i might make Lumbrine less coral-based, since Corsola already fills the rolls of a coral pokemon. both are ice-water
Mugrub and Waskud, ground-bug/ ground-fly pokemon, editted slightly from their versions on DA:
a rough battle, Odontussel and Encremit are throwing down

some water-rock equivelants to Geodude: Impet, Impermit, and Encremit, fairly heavily edited from the original on DA:

some Fossil development. Fodduar and Ankannon and the little Karnotorok there are pretty much finalized, but Diplark/Diplunder still need some work. aaand as you can see, when i start out with the first design, it looks pretty much looks exactly what it's supposed to be.
electric-rock, fire-rock, and dark-rock
Orcussel is giving Encremit a hard time...
semi finalized desingns for Diplark and Diplunder.
an evolution of Altaria, just because i always wished there was another evolution, altaria doesn't feel like enough.
Eltanin, Star Pokemon
(eltanin=brightest star in Draco constellation)
and that's all. i'll peobably have more things at the begginning of summer or at least in a couple weeks.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

left handed business

the one meme from the Mecha Fetus Blog. i downloaded the Sitcom Meme, but haven't done it yet.
goddamn, i want to do the Anime Heroes one but they don't have a downloadable version!

i thought drawing with my left hand would be funny, and it was pretty funny.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Little SHop of Pokemon

i found this in my backpack:
and after years of "collecting them all", i realize i have never named a Venusaur "Audrey 2"...what's wrong with me?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Apology for Dragonite

a quick revision of the Dragonite from last night, that was wrong of me to draw him like that...
Dragonite is a good one.


let me show you them...
i started it this time.

if you can recognize the pokemon through these interpretations, you truly are a pokemon master. pat yourself on the back.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


of course...

1. What is your favorite official poke'mon?
1st: Persian
2nd: tyranitar...and Dunsparce...
3rd: Lotad
4th: Snover

2. What is your favorite fakemon made by yourself?
Orcussel so far

3. Which of your fakemon is your least favorite?
right now, this fire-kangaroo guy cause i can't figure out what to do...

4. Which fakemon artist do you look up to most on DA?
ffffff, Lydario and Neorice

5. If you could make any fakemon, no matter how whacky, what would it be?
an ice cream one. i'm already making weird that Imprenaut guy

6. When fakemon artists create new types of poke'mon for their fakemon, do you like this?
no. 1: i am a purist, 2: freaking Light type? germ type?? evil type, boooo! candy type what??

7. If you were stuck on a deserted island for five weeks, which 3 fakemon would you bring with you and why?
i can't remember their names right now....ummmmm, Odontussel to get me stuff/save me if'n i drown, Branchamp to help me build stuff, and this ice cream guy....cause he's ice cream, why not?

8. You have been contacted by Nintendo. They are willing to pay for the rights to 5 of your fakemon to use in their next generation of poke'mon. Which 5 do you choose?
HAHAHA FAT CHANCE WHO WROTE THIS BUSINESS???? ah.....good laugh there...

9. What kinds of music inspires you whilst drawing fakemon?
hmmm, generally i listen to Megaman 2 tracks, the Go! Team, Eagles of Death Metal, some RT stuff, and a handful of things i find?

10. You just walked out to the kitchen to grab your favorite snack. But there is one of your fakemon eating the treasured treats!! Who is it?
the ice cream guy....eating my ice cream. HE DARES!

11. One of your fakemon just took out George Bush!! O.O! Which one did it, and why?

this inspired me a little to go round up my sketches of stuff...
i might be back in a minute

Monday, April 13, 2009


gonna do the 493 challenge.

here are the first 9 of the first generation. 

so this and a 151 fakemon/blogmen are gonna go down during summer. look out.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Orcussel and a quick redesign of Odontussel in flash.
i think i still have a better copy of Odontussel somewhere, but i didn't feel like looking for it.

Orcussel is too spirited for his own good.

i think these are my favorite fakemon/blogmen so far, i really like how they came out. especially Orcussel.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Koffing, for good measure.
got to walk the dog now

THE starters

there's no mistaking these guys, even if you never got into pokemon:

drawn on Tegaki, because i have some time to spend because i don't have my powercord.
i made a whole slew of Blogmen, i'll upload them after film time is over and done.

i think i like the Blastoise best, he came out nicely.