Friday, March 27, 2009

Fan time!!

Hey blogmen! it's been what....2 weeks?  haha, i couldn't stay away...

real quick stuff: as requested by Zoe, herself. as Loudred. yep. drawn in, which i am increasingly developing a love/hate for.
aaaand some Fakemon fanart: Lydario's men doing battle. i made this awhile ago actually, but i figured it could go here too.
and life? life stinks kind of, see other blog/deviantart.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Omastar is Feel'n Fine

it's busy times.
i got my animation-groove going AND for the next 2/3 months i should be working on things that are more important than pokemon anyways, so here's a final image of a real pokemon, based off of a real in-game sprite:
farewell for now

things will probably appear now and then on the other blog and Deviantart.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cactus guys

i found this on my drive from a few days back because, luckily, my computer is working fine for this breif time. i need to swap Vista for XP soon though, it seems to be getting increasingly more tempramental.

(yeah, turns out there's no virus. at all. it's only Vista)
sooo, some fire-cactuses! not to say Cacnea and Cacturn are bad, and after looking it up i do understand why they are dark types, but i kind of....expected something better. i mean, i love Cacnea, but there's something about Cacturn i really dislike. i think it's how doughy he is, and the diamond pattern as a such a cop out......i really have come to hate the diamond pattern...


Embulent, hot plant pokemon
Fire (fire/grass is a baaad idea)
2'2", around 14 lb
despite it's incredible body temperature and it's arid habitats, it can store water for at least 4 months.
(ember+succulent((the general family of Cacti)) )

Flambulent, excitable pokemon
5'6", around 86
the flower's on it's hands and head act as valves to release excessive amounts of heat when it gets too excited. it is easily excited.
(both Flame and Flamboyant+succulent)

i might change their leg colors...or the legs entirely. we'll see, we'll see.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2nd stagers

2nd stagers. and a very, very cheap color job. *when i get time, i'm going to change the grass-stuff on Twigrawl, i don't like it.

hmm, it looks like it got squashed a little, i don't know what happened between saves.

Twigrawl, stump pokemon
3'5", around 28 lb
it's still not very fast on it's stumpy feet, but with acute senses it is highly aware of any oncoming threat

Omobrank, landslug pokemon
3'7", around 53 lb
it spends much more of it's time out of water, and uses the small index claw to dig small mollusks and other invertebrates out of their shells or hiding places
(chromodoris- the Ch((genus for nudibranchs)) +nudibranch)

Tephrano, vent pokemon
Fire/(haven't settle on Rock or Ground yet)
3'6", around 40 lb
it turns out the endless source of soot comes from a vent-like cavity in Taiphra's back, which develops more after it evolves.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

fighting whales

here are 2 in progresses:

some orca pokemon. their not quite finished yet, but their almost there. i think i'm going to stick with that color arrangement on the evo as well.

Orcussel, the bouy pokemon
2'4", around 18 lb
it is not a very good swimmer, but luckily it's head is very boyant and keeps it afloat.

Odontussel, the life-float pokemon
4'1". around 68lb
it can fully submerge it'self, but usually cruises on top of the water. Lifeguards and mariners prefer to keep these pokemon on hand.
(Odonticetes ((genus for orcas/porpoises/etc))+tussel)
i think i'm going to take off the "totem pole" look and give him more of a bandana/sash thing.

and what? real pencil??
Tapron, the jaws pokemon
3'7", around 180 lb
scientists are baffeled as to why a grass-eating herbivore would need such massive jaws
Tapron is a stand-alone pokemon (no evo/prevolution)

there's more unfinished work, but i need to get back to school work.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fighting Flier

oh, what sense of color design, red and purple are fantastic!!

yeah, this is actually the first fakemon (..i mean "Blogmon") i ever made, back when i was 12 or something....and...i was around when 2nd gen came out and there was all that random promo stuff, and somewhere i thought i had seen this crazy red and purple dragon with huge fists and like...white mushroom things like Eggsecute like things on it's sides. i don't even know, but i took that idea home and tried to draw it. and then my sister got Pokemon Silver, and all through playing it i expected to see some kind of likeness between those new ones and this red thing i'd made. but it turned out to be just a gross and bizarre misinterpretation of some kind.

then again, i misinterpreted alot of pokemon the first time around. when they first came onto the scene in elementary school, i mixed vulpix and Ponyta together, and misinterpreted Feraligatr as an armored T rex.

i was only popular in elementary school because i could draw pokemon better than everybody else...

but yeah, this guy was entirely a grade school fluke, and i kept that picture...i should dig it up and post it just for the "lawls".

**oh yeah, and upon name-research, i found out why Pugilast is named makes so much sense now...

**he's a special egg blogmon, (like Togepi). there's going to be another special egg blogmon that so far is Poison/Dark**

Imprevegg, the cracked pokemon
1'8" tall, around 9 lb
because of it's unbeatable spirit and it's rock hard protective shell, it's the toughest baby around!

evolves around 30

Imprenaut, the tough pokemon
6'4" tall, around 220 pounds
it's so attached to it's old egg-shell home that it never leaves it behind

i actually have too many fighting blogmen, i have to start cutting back on making fight types.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Skarmory prog.

actually, before whatever ungodly virus really settles in on my laptop and before i dissapear for whatever weeks, here's progress on an evo of Skarmory. it's the setup where you trade him with a thing and he gets a nice upgrade.
i need to make the wings less insectile and give him a nice little name.

this guy is one of...probably 5 fakes that evolves/prevolves from actual existing ones. i'd like to keep it at just 5.

now....hmmm....i could work...or i could deal with a virus....hmmm....

Favorite Fakemons

just to show how much i love pokemon, here are my favorite Fakemon types! becauese i love this meme way too much....'s a little messy...
but yeah. all of these guys are from Deviantart, and a good handful of them come from the same artists (truth be told, i could fill up a few of these entirely with Neorice's fakes, especially if i knew their types...)

so starting from Bug and moving left-right: Pugilast, Dauvall, Lectino, Furcuit, Smochamp, Donozone, Kitind, Bowrek, Minrock, Onfut and Sanderon, (ice is unamed), Moucroon, Smoguar and Septick, Mezmier, Cragmight, Cradvris, Sperub and Hermitank.

**actually, i don't know what type Moucroon is, but since i don't really have a favorite Normal fake, i stuck him there. more likely, he's psychic or dark**

credits to the makers: Neorice, Lydario, Blueghosty, Comfycushion87, Pirkanregion, Kymotonian, Dziesma, Pokepages, Hallm3, Du7ch13, and Watertrainer.

and me myself, i must take a break from making any fakes, i really need to knock out some homework and animation. i may be able to load the 2nd stage starters later this/next week.