Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mega Battle

me and Zoe duke it out. kind of.

i really can't stand Shaymin. the Sky Form is worse, but it's still so.....bland....

and although Tyranitar has a completely irrational and considerably awkward design, it's fantastic in battle and that's all it needs.


  1. I love how you drew Zoe and her retarded Shaymin

    You should draw me...please? I want you to draw me with a retarded pokemon!

  2. Oh SNAP! That's Awesome! Yes, I'd wish also for a drawing of me battling you with teh Pokemans!

  3. I tried to comment the other night, but for some reason it didn't load... probably because I was projecting a dialogue onto the image and we all know how bad those can go.

    fffffff, I love this. I know you don't like Shaymin, but you sure draw a kickass durpy one.