Friday, April 24, 2009

Sketch Dump!

OOOH boy! since i don't have time to clean them up, here are some Blogmen roughs and trial passes:

i like these guys: Numbrin and Lumbrine. i might make Lumbrine less coral-based, since Corsola already fills the rolls of a coral pokemon. both are ice-water
Mugrub and Waskud, ground-bug/ ground-fly pokemon, editted slightly from their versions on DA:
a rough battle, Odontussel and Encremit are throwing down

some water-rock equivelants to Geodude: Impet, Impermit, and Encremit, fairly heavily edited from the original on DA:

some Fossil development. Fodduar and Ankannon and the little Karnotorok there are pretty much finalized, but Diplark/Diplunder still need some work. aaand as you can see, when i start out with the first design, it looks pretty much looks exactly what it's supposed to be.
electric-rock, fire-rock, and dark-rock
Orcussel is giving Encremit a hard time...
semi finalized desingns for Diplark and Diplunder.
an evolution of Altaria, just because i always wished there was another evolution, altaria doesn't feel like enough.
Eltanin, Star Pokemon
(eltanin=brightest star in Draco constellation)
and that's all. i'll peobably have more things at the begginning of summer or at least in a couple weeks.

1 comment:

  1. These are awesome!
    The Encremit line is really genious. I love all three of them because the idea hasn't been done before. I love how you made sort of a hermit mouse instead of crab. And that Encremit has arms on it's head. Haha.
    Numbrin is nice too. it's so.. numb? xD
    I also don't know what, but something about Waskud really appeals to me. I think it might be the size of the body compared to the head. Anyway, it's sweet.