Tuesday, April 14, 2009


of course...

1. What is your favorite official poke'mon?
1st: Persian
2nd: tyranitar...and Dunsparce...
3rd: Lotad
4th: Snover

2. What is your favorite fakemon made by yourself?
Orcussel so far

3. Which of your fakemon is your least favorite?
right now, this fire-kangaroo guy cause i can't figure out what to do...

4. Which fakemon artist do you look up to most on DA?
ffffff, Lydario and Neorice

5. If you could make any fakemon, no matter how whacky, what would it be?
an ice cream one. i'm already making weird ones....like that Imprenaut guy

6. When fakemon artists create new types of poke'mon for their fakemon, do you like this?
no. 1: i am a purist, 2: freaking Light type? germ type?? evil type, boooo! candy type what??

7. If you were stuck on a deserted island for five weeks, which 3 fakemon would you bring with you and why?
i can't remember their names right now....ummmmm, Odontussel to get me stuff/save me if'n i drown, Branchamp to help me build stuff, and this ice cream guy....cause he's ice cream, why not?

8. You have been contacted by Nintendo. They are willing to pay for the rights to 5 of your fakemon to use in their next generation of poke'mon. Which 5 do you choose?
HAHAHA FAT CHANCE WHO WROTE THIS BUSINESS???? ah.....good laugh there...

9. What kinds of music inspires you whilst drawing fakemon?
hmmm, generally i listen to Megaman 2 tracks, the Go! Team, Eagles of Death Metal, some RT stuff, and a handful of things i find?

10. You just walked out to the kitchen to grab your favorite snack. But there is one of your fakemon eating the treasured treats!! Who is it?
the ice cream guy....eating my ice cream. HE DARES!

11. One of your fakemon just took out George Bush!! O.O! Which one did it, and why?

this inspired me a little to go round up my sketches of stuff...
i might be back in a minute

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