Sunday, March 1, 2009

Favorite Fakemons

just to show how much i love pokemon, here are my favorite Fakemon types! becauese i love this meme way too much....'s a little messy...
but yeah. all of these guys are from Deviantart, and a good handful of them come from the same artists (truth be told, i could fill up a few of these entirely with Neorice's fakes, especially if i knew their types...)

so starting from Bug and moving left-right: Pugilast, Dauvall, Lectino, Furcuit, Smochamp, Donozone, Kitind, Bowrek, Minrock, Onfut and Sanderon, (ice is unamed), Moucroon, Smoguar and Septick, Mezmier, Cragmight, Cradvris, Sperub and Hermitank.

**actually, i don't know what type Moucroon is, but since i don't really have a favorite Normal fake, i stuck him there. more likely, he's psychic or dark**

credits to the makers: Neorice, Lydario, Blueghosty, Comfycushion87, Pirkanregion, Kymotonian, Dziesma, Pokepages, Hallm3, Du7ch13, and Watertrainer.

and me myself, i must take a break from making any fakes, i really need to knock out some homework and animation. i may be able to load the 2nd stage starters later this/next week.

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