Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2nd stagers

2nd stagers. and a very, very cheap color job. *when i get time, i'm going to change the grass-stuff on Twigrawl, i don't like it.

hmm, it looks like it got squashed a little, i don't know what happened between saves.

Twigrawl, stump pokemon
3'5", around 28 lb
it's still not very fast on it's stumpy feet, but with acute senses it is highly aware of any oncoming threat

Omobrank, landslug pokemon
3'7", around 53 lb
it spends much more of it's time out of water, and uses the small index claw to dig small mollusks and other invertebrates out of their shells or hiding places
(chromodoris- the Ch((genus for nudibranchs)) +nudibranch)

Tephrano, vent pokemon
Fire/(haven't settle on Rock or Ground yet)
3'6", around 40 lb
it turns out the endless source of soot comes from a vent-like cavity in Taiphra's back, which develops more after it evolves.

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  1. I'm pretty frustrated with the fact that i can't comment on your other blog, but i wanted to let you know that I really love your artwork!