Tuesday, March 10, 2009

fighting whales

here are 2 in progresses:

some orca pokemon. their not quite finished yet, but their almost there. i think i'm going to stick with that color arrangement on the evo as well.

Orcussel, the bouy pokemon
2'4", around 18 lb
it is not a very good swimmer, but luckily it's head is very boyant and keeps it afloat.

Odontussel, the life-float pokemon
4'1". around 68lb
it can fully submerge it'self, but usually cruises on top of the water. Lifeguards and mariners prefer to keep these pokemon on hand.
(Odonticetes ((genus for orcas/porpoises/etc))+tussel)
i think i'm going to take off the "totem pole" look and give him more of a bandana/sash thing.

and what? real pencil??
Tapron, the jaws pokemon
3'7", around 180 lb
scientists are baffeled as to why a grass-eating herbivore would need such massive jaws
Tapron is a stand-alone pokemon (no evo/prevolution)

there's more unfinished work, but i need to get back to school work.

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