Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cactus guys

i found this on my drive from a few days back because, luckily, my computer is working fine for this breif time. i need to swap Vista for XP soon though, it seems to be getting increasingly more tempramental.

(yeah, turns out there's no virus. at all. it's only Vista)
sooo, some fire-cactuses! not to say Cacnea and Cacturn are bad, and after looking it up i do understand why they are dark types, but i kind of....expected something better. i mean, i love Cacnea, but there's something about Cacturn i really dislike. i think it's how doughy he is, and the diamond pattern as a such a cop out......i really have come to hate the diamond pattern...


Embulent, hot plant pokemon
Fire (fire/grass is a baaad idea)
2'2", around 14 lb
despite it's incredible body temperature and it's arid habitats, it can store water for at least 4 months.
(ember+succulent((the general family of Cacti)) )

Flambulent, excitable pokemon
5'6", around 86
the flower's on it's hands and head act as valves to release excessive amounts of heat when it gets too excited. it is easily excited.
(both Flame and Flamboyant+succulent)

i might change their leg colors...or the legs entirely. we'll see, we'll see.

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  1. I'd have to say my vote is to keep it Fire/Grass. I think Pokemon with odd and unusual combinations are the most interesting. I like the idea of more desert Pokemon, but I still would rather have Fire/Grass. :X